The team

our A team

The past years, our competition team included the brothers Lappland Dream "Homer" and Lappland Dream "Hook", our german girl Alka-Shan's Las-Vegas (Lumi) and Siberian Adventures "Yela"

This year our own bred puppies Koamaikoh Alpha Omega (Mega) and Koamaikoh Another bites the dust (Dusty) started their training, they amazed me by their first run. Real naturals!

From competition season 2019/2020 we will start to compete in the MD6 class (mid distance, 6 dog team) We will start off with a few rooky competitions, since i only have experience in sprint competing.

I am very excited to start this new chapter with my dogs, it is something i have dreamt off for a long long time. My main goal will be to climb the ladder to the long distance world.

Never stop dreaming, and mush on!

Naomi Bouwmeester     12/03/2019

Courtesy of Naomi Bouwmeester  |  Designed 2018
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