Planned litter spring 2018


The year 2015 was the year we got Homer and Hook home, my beloved boys with American (Seppala) background.

From the moment i got to know about this litter i was intrigued,  both parents come from the Deer creek kennel in Wyoming USA.

We were lucky to take home both boys, which turned out to be such lovable dogs. They were naturals from the moment they could get broken into their harnesses, a very bright future laid ahead of us!

It must have been the year 2017 when i heard that the kennel where i first started in Sweden was selling a lot of their dogs, they were going to stop with the tourism business. I wrote directly to them that i really wanted to take Lumi home, Lumi is a female from the Alka-Shan's kennel in Germany. The kennel where it all began for me in the Netherlands had several Alka-Shan dogs, I always experienced them as very reliable sweet dogs, with a great working mentality .

Off Course I worked with Lumi as well when i worked at then tourist kennel, she was a very shy girl but we clicked from the first day on. I thankfully got permission to buy her, Of course, me wouldn't be me if i only would take home 1 dog so Yela also got to follow with us.

Lumi came to rest in our kennel, much smaller with always the same human giving her food and training. It's hard to believe this is still the same dog, she really enjoys life at the Koamaikoh kennel

From the moment i got Lumi home, I already knew.. Homer and Lumi would set the first step in my kennel fundament.
After a year, the official plan was made and now announced:

We expect puppies from Lappland Dream Homer SE54581/2015 and Alka-Shan's Las Vegas (Lumi) SE34330/2014

Both dogs are brilliant working dogs with a super mentality, good apatit. Strong paws, never needed booties. Homer is my main lead dog, Lumi is very flexible.
We hope for highly functioning working dogs as the parents are, with a very kind and social character.