Planned breeding summer 2019 or spring 2020


Due to questions about our next planned litter:

Upcoming combination will be
SE (POLAR)CH SE UCH Jiepeer's Sauron x Siberian adventures Yela

There is no hurry for this litter, both dogs will get their eyes checked first and possibilities are that this litter will happen next spring if everything goes as planned.

Here's a summary of what I'm expecting of this litter plus a little dog on dog information. For more information don't hesitate to ask.

The lines behind Yela are Lokiboden - Alka-Shan - Icebells

Sauron is owned by Marlene Karlsson, one of her best sleddogs in the competition team, this Male has won not only sledding prices but also dog shows. Sauron is the dog in her kennel that is the most flexible, he enjoys the sleddog life but he likes it as much as living as a sofa dog as well. His mom and dad are the same. A very laid back dog.

Yela is my main leader, a small girl with a lot of power and will to please! The only "negative" point I can come up with is that she sometimes (always beginning of the season) is so excited to run that she'll bite the neckline before start. A simple fix by only using metal line in the beginning of the season. After a few weeks of routinely training I can switch to normal neckline again.
She is so loving and pleasing that she can run loose anywhere anytime. She won't leave my side, she can be a bit yappy when she get the harness on but otherwise she is very quiet in the kennel. Great appetit! Will always eat her meal.
She is flexible so I can move her around in the team, but in lead she shines as the biggest star. She is the girl that turns the whole team around if I desire. She'll jump over the other dog to get the team straight, she'll even turn the team back around in the middle of a straight trail.

What I hope to accomplish with this combination are thriving sleddogs with a gentle but hard head, dogs that are social and lovable, enjoying every environment as long as it's with humans or other dogs being active or lounging around.

Both dogs have a beautiful warm coat, Yela has been on week trips in the snow, so sleeping outside is no problem for her. In the summer she'll loose most of her coat and adapts very good to all weather conditions. Strong paws, never needed to use booties.

A short answer will be: strong working dogs with a will to please, loving and flexible to all living/activation situations.