Planned breeding late winter 2020


A long desired dream will hopefully come true, a collaboration between true friends.

This late winter i will work together with one of my best friends, who owns Iditatrotter Grafitty. 

A word from Grafitty's owner:

For as long as I have been the proud owner of Iditatrotter Grafitty, he has yet to become ill for the first time in our relationship. He's a machine when it comes to working, uphill or downhill, he keeps the same hard working pace. He's amazing in lead (when he likes you) and an absolute force of nature in wheel. He has the best character in the world. He only wants to be loved and adored by you and he's amazingly tolerant towards almost everything and everyone. He is easy to keep on weight, even with his seniority at age 13, and for me one of the most important dogs I ever had the pleasantry of learning from. His human language may not be complete, and after 8 years of being with me, he still only listens to Belgian commands, but his understanding from dog language is perfect. I never met a more easy going dog in the world.

About Lumi, o my dear girl.. talk about a dog that evolved a lot.
Lumi was a very scared and reserved dog when she moved in with us in 2017, But I knew she would evolve in our little kennel. Where she would have stability and peace, 1 steady hand to feed instead of the big tourist kennel she came from. little did i know, 2020 is the year where Lumi has started a new chapter and everyone who is visiting the kennel is allowed to greet her. And even when calm, pet her. Lumi is a very hard working dog, all round in the team. She runs mostly in swing/team, but also has lead experience. The reason she is not a main leader, is that she is the kind of dog that chooses wat is suiting her best. She does listen to commands but if I tell her to do something out of the ordinary, she rather chooses the safest way.
Otherwise she is the perfect sleddog, good speed, always hanging in the tugline and always the will to pull. This dog won't give up, she maybe is one of my hardest working dogs in the team even though she's one of the smallest.
I had one litter with her before and she is a perfect mother, the 2 pups that i kept from this litter are very promising and beautiful strong and social dogs. You definitely see her hard will to work back in all of her puppies, and her sweet character has also passed trough. I am very excited for this combination, Grafitty is from a very different strain of lines than the dogs I have in my kennel. But since I've known him for many years, I always have had my love for this big guy. It is not only his size, power and looks that made me fall in love with him. He has just such a charm about him, it is simply impossible not to fall in love with Grafitty. One of the thing about him that amazes me the most, is that he is still so youthfull and healthy at his age, you can not guess that he is 13 years old. I sincerely hope that this is something he will pass on to his pups. If we are lucky enough to get a litter out of this exciting combination.

All together,

We hope to expect puppies from Iditatrotter Grafitty LOSH1011309 and Alka-Shan's Las-Vegas (Lumi) SE34330/2014
Both dogs are brilliant working dogs with a super mentality, good appetite. Strong paws, never needed booties. Lumi is very flexible in the team, so is Grafitty.
We hope for highly functioning working dogs as the parents are, with a very kind and social character.