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the faces behind the kennel

Naomi with her first seppala boys Homer and Hook

My name is Naomi Bouwmeester,
a Dutch girl born in 1993,
Living the sleddog dream in the north of Sweden.

I got involved in the Siberian husky world in 2009 when i bought my first husky Zoy. He was a 2 year old rescue, came with a whole backpack filled with issues. But everything seems to have it´s reason, while searching desperately for help I heard a lot of people talking about a man that lived with his sleddogs on "the hill". Searching the internet for a husky kennel in the neighboorhood i stumbled on to the van Takoshan kennel.

We arranged a meeting at their kennel, and they helped me out a lot with Zoy. The experience i got there was amazing, this was what i wanted for myself. my own kennel!
I became their doghandler and followed with them on every training, competition and events.
My love for the breed and sport grew every day, until i decided to jump in the deep unknown to work on a husky tourism kennel in the north of Sweden. It took me a year to save up the money and plan everything for this live changing adventure. 

I worked for about a year at 2 kennels before i bought a house in Sweden to settle and start my own kennel. I bought my first 2 husky boys, Homer and Hook. They really are the foundation of our kennel, I´ve always had a big intresset in the seppala lineage. The boys parents come from the Deer Creek kennel in the USA, soon i build a big kennel for the team to expand. I live and enjoy life as much as possible with my dogs, and love to take you with us on our adventures!

See you soon!

Courtesy of Naomi Bouwmeester  |  Designed 2018
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